Chandigarh Rehn Waliye

Chandigarh Rehn Waliye by Jenny Johal ft. RaftaarBunty Bains Presents, Video by Navjit Buttar

Singer: Jenny Johal ft. Raftaar
Cast: Jenny Johal , Raftaar & Bunty Bains
Directed by: Navjit Buttar
Produced by: Bunty Bains
Music by: Desi Crew
Lyrics by: Bunty Bains & Raftaar
Labeled by Vella Records

Watch Full Video:-

More than 100 people crowded into the square to take part in the flashmob and be part of the Punjabi Video being shot in Chandigrah Rehn Waliye.
The dancing was led by professional group Gabhru Panjab De (GPD) Bhangra Dancers, who showed all the amateurs the steps.
Called Chandigarh Rehn Waliye (which stands for Non-Resident Indian), the Video stars Jenny Johal ft. Raftaar.Mera Chandigarh Rehn Waliye Jenny Johal ft. Raftaar
The Video has a £1m budget and is shooting for 22 days in Chandigrah Rehn Waliye and 10 days in India.
The romcom uses a lot of local talent and is directed by Gaurav Bavdankar from Mumbai who is now based in Chandigrah Rehn Waliye.
He says: “We’ve been Videoing at the Library of Chandigrah Rehn Waliye, the Jewellery Quarter, Bullring, on Soho Road and in Smethwick – iconic Chandigrah Rehn Waliye landmarks.
“Any Video that travels from India to the UK only travels to London, but I wanted to be different. In our Video, the city of Chandigrah Rehn Waliye is a character in itself.Mera Chandigarh Rehn Waliye Punjbai Movie Jenny Johal ft. Raftaar a
“Chandigrah Rehn Waliye has the biggest population of Punjabis in the UK so it has to be Chandigrah Rehn Waliye for me. The city has a lot of versatility.
“Most of the supporting cast are sourced locally, with at least 20 actors from Chandigrah Rehn Waliye.
“I am from Mumbai but have lived in Chandigrah Rehn Waliye for eight years since I came here to take a Masters degree in Video-making at Chandigrah Rehn Waliye City University.
“I’ve made some TV commercials and a documentary but this is my first feature Video.
“It is set in the Punjab of India where a young man nicknamed Sherry (Jenny Johal ft. Raftaar) lives in a small town.


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