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Change Lyrics — Wiz Khalifa

Change Song Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa with Curren$y.

Change Song Lyrics

Yeah, yo we’re
I’m drunk as a fool

[Chorus – Wiz Khalifa:]
Shit change, bitches change, niggas change
We never change, we never change
Shit change, bitches change, niggas change
We never change, we never change

[Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa:]
Now I usually don’t do this but
I roll a joint so I get through to ya
Get hella high about my paper though
Come pick you up and we go out to Clippers not the Lakers
Balling brings a lot of haters
A bar stay on me, a lot of favors
A lot of favors, roll that weed, we get them skyscrapers
What we doing with our time?
Getting fly, finding classic whips to buy
Bigger fish to fry
One of y’all you can see it in my eyes
Money long, you can tell by what I just put in my ride
When you won niggas wish for you demise
Nothing wrong, we can see through your demise, 09


[Verse 2 – Curren$y:]
Niggas is shape shifting, transformers on us
Jealous of position, envious of performance
I’m forever on it
Known for cooking audio dope and getting off it
Pots under the faucet
The right temperature, we toss it
You want that work, you gotta come and see the bosses
First tuck in your shirt cut that fucking nonsense
When in Rome do as the Romans
You wouldn’t know because you never going
A lot of niggas doing hella ho shit
And not notice
Motherfuckers know that I’m not for it
You’ll be extorted
We came for the paper, cake slices, large portions
Race Porsches to California by the morning


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