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From the Start Lyrics – Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

From the Start Lyrics & Story

This Music Video is Produced by DJ Fresh or Written By Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa, About this Album – We’re getting awesome. “This that pink Polo Ye stream,” alright, Spitta. Love the “Through The Wire” reference. Man, he ate mushrooms and watched Scarface, that sounds like a distrustfulness diet.

From the Start Lyrics


I put the cheat code in
I got the money and the infinite lives, this Vice City bitch
I pray I never have to let it rip
But these the days and the times and you never know who gon’ try
This that pink Polo, Ye flow, give it through the barbwire
At the top of the bag, Y’all offensive to slow them motherfuckers down if they try to get in here
Ate them mushrooms and watched Scarface and now I’m pacing in my window
Back in my mind I know nobody coming
But then my third eye remind me not everybody love me
Still I slide, twisting it up
Weeding out them Chevy’s, hitting switches, giving it up
Living it bruh
The vision for us was quite clear
When the smoke clears decades later we’ll still be here
I don’t know where them other niggas at
I ain’t looking for no fools
I’m tryna remember where I parked the Benz at

Tommy Girl

We been on your prey
And we do it everyday
Jet Life, Taylor Gang
And you know what to say
You know who you are from the start

Wiz Khalifa

From the beginning, niggas always started winning
Gon’ remember me before I’m finished
From a place where it’s hard living
Ain’t no handouts
Now it’s stars in the ceiling
Niggas got options when it come to cars
No more regular hoes
All I’m fucking with is superstars
From the bullshit we moving on
Rolling strong, foreign broad, need the newest car
Ain’t a song unless my dog detonate the bomb
Kush got me right, hope you don’t take it wrong
When I roll it up and light I need more than an eighth
I don’t need nothing from you little homie, I’m straight
Jet Life, Taylor Gang

Tommy Girl

We been on your prey
And we do it everyday
Jet Life, Taylor Gang
And you know what to say
You know who you are from the start

From the Start Official Music Video

Some Facts About 2009 Album – No chance should that be suggested. Cherishing this one up to this point. Decent vocalist on the snare. This is wavy. Sounds like cash.

It’s taking me back to the times of How Fly. The nostalgic flashback new music can give is a pleasant ordeal. Wiz with a decent development. “From The Start” can be exhausted for an additional five minutes and I wouldn’t see any problems. Rewind commendable.

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