BARCLAYS CENTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2018/10/23: Blocboy JB attends the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

No Adlibs Lyrics – Blocboy JB

No Adlibs Lyrics

Camera man I be shootin like M Zach in
Here Shootin like Zach so u know I
Keep 4K

I Don’t feet like Biggy when He cope that
Coupe or maybe Snoop Dog when he sip
His perk Jin N Juice thinkin about Robin
Got that Glock so I granted U B find
No squash in Mortal Kombat I finish U
Yeah we don’t talk to the popo,

I ain’t even call when I broke up in her
House n we got a little stuff stole 52
Piece drawer thinkin M fixin to drop U
Out with the Motherfuckin bus load
Won’t front we talk to hand The an The
Man that reach for a touch though
Know U coppin them facts kinda
Thinking about a nigga got me putting in Kinkos

Pink diamonds them flamingos I post
That bitch IMA put her in ratchet cause
That’s the only way to tango I put that
Scratch in his head n He facing like He
A Cincinnati Bengal all of my diamonds
N shit they be wristin like tell me
What the fuck the sang go i been crippin
Almost 10 years now The niggas that
Lay with me the team pros

He still like corn dog clique baby girl
My whole team slow cover our pole
With the whole clique that’s our only
Fucking tingo she married to this Dick
Let’s see how far the diamond ring go I
Get this green like Jayson Tatum my man
Aint’t know afroe Davis Dick in her mouth
She be eating my babies say she a crip
Well who be the greatest

They treat me like I was born in ’80s
Big ’30s on me I’M A ’90s baby got to many
Attributes my player created gots on
My Knee cause Niggas a take it south
Sigil I’m that Nigga banging do do’s but
People don’t think this a movie fam he
Missin the shoot like they moved around
My diamonds dance when I lie down

Polo my sweater peanut butter times
Yeah she freak on my creddle let’s get it
On film I work off the pack who the
Fuck need a gym we get cash money like Soulja Slim

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