Play Something Lyrics – ADE

Play Something Lyrics & Details

The Music Video is Produced By !llmind & Super Miles or Written By !llmind, Super Miles & ADE.

Play Something Lyrics

Not playin’
You attention, I’m not payin’
Not layin’
It’s not you, I’m just not stayin’
Not sane
Niggas tellin’, they Goku
Me, I’m Piccolo, I get to my green through this
This a whole fool’s musical
Food for your thoughts
Never take the main to McDonald’s, that’s food for your thots
Now I drop jams on ’em
I was movin’ them blocks
You couldn’t stall if you was in the group of the lots
Fly nigga
Note to what we do in the shop
You niggas got no taste
Yo, I can tell when you get the AUX
I’m in the Uber playin’, it’s never too much
Not from the V, but all of the niggas you see with me is too up
And who down to ride for me?
Me, I’m down to die for ’em
Time to text niggas I’m in my W9 form
Niggas tryna ride for ’em
Me, I want some real estate
Spent my summertime tourin’
Still, ain’t hit a real estate
Asked the hoes, I’ve been
What you hear is what you get
Nothing to authenticate
Finish with that interstate
It’s overnight flights, now
Seen every movie on the plane like twice now
I swear
My days, they be down
The nights want my
Really out here though
Your life’s in your iPhone
I was out with four youngin’s
No I.D., no nothin’
Still at every show jumpin’
In my city, get respect

No, I app in’ yet, it’s cool
But you was never on the set
I was really in the street
Made a name at the open-mic,

nigga, duh, this wasn’t overnight
Lookin’ for a come up, I could show you what this like
Cold as ice
Even your best coat won’t survive
What I got is not enough, but to these niggas, a lot
They come at me with hands out, they leave with feet to the rock
Like kick that
Yeah, I’m known to hit back
Hours later
Been tryin’ to hit the top of the tower, I’m Al-Qaeda’d
Top of the totem pole
Ain’t coppin’, I know the code
We poppin’ and feed the family
Keep this shit bro-to-bro
Keep your soul with you if you believe
Ten-toes to the and squeeze it and blow the .4, bang

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