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‘Sik Mein’, the Sindhi full block is out now to win your hearts in the swaggy vocals of ‘Vandana Nirankari’, check the full lyrics of “Sik Mein” here. The latest song is re-created by Juggy Gill and the verse is given by Vandana Nirankari and Jayesh Sharma.

Sik Mein Full Song Lyrics

Sik mai o sik mai
(In the longing to meet you, O my beloved)

Sika mai sikkia khe keena sikaaye bhalara
(I am already suffering, please don’t make me suffer more )

Dukha me dukhia khe keena dukhaaye dulara
(I am already sad, please don’t make me sadder)

Sun swaal muhinjo
(Please listen to me)

Heeno haal muhinjo
(Come and heal me)

Sik mai Repeat

Dissi dissi tokhey munjyun tharandyun hu akhyun,
(There’s happiness in my eyes when I see you)

Yaadun dil maa muhinjey na vanyi saggyun,
(Our memories couldn’t fade away from my mind)

Jiyan mumai aahin tu, tiyan tomey ayan ma,
(You are in me like I am in you-you are a part of me)

Na ko munkha juda tu na ko tokhan juda ma
(Neither I am away from you nor are you away from me)

Gaalh aa kehdi he waqt cho badlyo aa,
(What is going on? Why have the times changed?)

Tuinjey muinjey vicha me judaai jo kam cho aa,
(Why is there separation between you and me)

Na hosh aa, na rosh aa, na tuinjo koi dosh aa,
(I am not in my senses, but it’s not your fault)

Shayad hee bhi Mohabbata jo he hik Josh aa,
(Maybe this is also one form of love)

Mumai ditho aahey tokhey tomey ditho aahey mukhey,
(I have seen me in you and you in me)

Hinna Ishqa jey agyaan muinji haar aa,
(I am at a loss in front of your love)

Hinna Ishqa ji charcha hazaar aa,
(There is a lot of talks about our love)

Hinna Ishqa saan dil muinji thar aa,
(This love heals my heart)

Hinna Ishqa me zindagi bhi par aa,
(This love is my ultimate destiny)

Hinna dil, dil. dil dil
(This heart heart heart heart)

Hinna Dil thori charia me tuhinjo khayaal aa,
(This stupid heart only thinks about you)

Awaaz budhan ji zid bhi tamaam aa,
(It wants to listen to your voice so badly)

Na ko mukhaan juda tun na ko tokhaan juda maa,
(Neither you are away from me, nor I am away from you)

Tuinjey laaye aa pyaar daadho aahey beshumar,
(I love you a lot)

Kiyan ishqa khe chunyo asaan pyaar khe chunyo,
(How we chose love!)

Haane magar *skip 2 beats* Intzar aa!!
(But now, I am only waiting)

Dil ji aa Dil me kehenkhe budhayan
(What is In my heart only remains with me, I can’t share this with anyone)

Dil thori -3 Chari
(This heart is crazy)

Khushi bhi dil me, gham bhi dil me
(Happiness & sadness both are in my heart)

Chot bhi dil me, Dua bhi dil me
(It is hurt, and there are prayers, in the heart)

Shukur bhi dil me,fikur bhi dil me
(there is thankfulness, yet there is fear )

Tuhinjo he bas naalo dil me
(There is nothing else but your name in my heart)

Chaah bhi dil me, raah bhi dil me
(There is the hunger for you, but there is also relief in my heart)

Samjha bhi dil me,ramjha bhi dil me
(There is understanding, but there is confusion also)

Jeet bhi dil me, haar bhi dil me
(You win and you lose with this heart)

Toh laaye sikka Pyaar aa dil me
(There is nothing but love for you)

Tu aan tu (It’s You, You & only You in my heart)

pehenjey akhyun me tokhey weharyan
(I keep you on my eyes)

Tokhan siwaye kehde na niharyan
(I don’t see anyone else other than you)

Sikka tuhinji Sai lokaan likayan
(I hide this longing for you from people)

aen dil me ma gayan
(And I sing in my heart)

Sik mai

Sik Mein Official Music Video

Song Name – Sik Mein
SingerVandana Nirankari
Verse – Vandana Nirankari and Jayesh Sharma
Re-created: Juggy Gill
Music Label by Tips Music

Watch and enjoy the full video of “Sik Mein” below.,

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